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all important information for your visit at Teufelsberg Berlin

covid update

We are open. Depending on the lockdown status, different parts of the site may be closed. We therefore ask visitors to follow the covid rules at the entrance of the site. The site has a size of ca. 50.000sqm so that sufficient distance can be maintained throughout the entire visit. If for any reason, you cannot keep the distance, please always make sure to use masks. Please pay special attention to distance and mask rules when purchasing your ticket on the site.

opening hours

Wir haben von Mittwoch bis Sonntag und an Feiertagen geöffnet. Wir öffnen um 11 Uhr morgens und schließen mit dem Sonnenuntergang, damit die Besucher mit genug Licht nach Hause kommen. Der letzte Einlass ist ca. eine Stunde vor Sonnenuntergang.
Easter 2021, we are open on Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday.


Tickets are 7.- Euros per person and can be bought directly on site. For students and pupils, its 5.- Euros with corresponding verification. Since we do not have electricity on site yet, we cannot process card payments. Sorry for that. Please keep your distance while buying tickets.

getting there

Our address is Teufelsseechaussee 10, 14193 Berlin. Google maps knows the way. Also, the S-Bahn stations "Heerstraße" and "Grunewald" are both about 30 walking minutes away. If you arrive by car, you can park directly on our premises for 2.- Euros per visit. Moreover, there are free, public parking lots at the foot of the mountain. Free bike lots are also available on site, directly at the entrance.


For non-commercial purposes, visitors can take as many pictures of whatever you find on site. Be curious. Be creative. If you have the intention of the commercial use of your pictures, please contact us at for the terms and conditions before using the pictures.


The site can be explored independently within the opening hours. For more information, more history, and more access, we offer guided tours. Regular guided tours take place regularly on weekends. Exclusive guided tours can be booked for any date and time via e-mail. For more information, check in at tours.


On weekends, we open our little bar on site. We offer water, some sodas / soft drinks, and beers. Cocktails and long drinks are not served due to regulations.


The art on site is created by the artists in collaboration with the Team Teufelsberg. We look for the best walls together with the artists to protect new murals and / or pieces that we would like to keep.


A large proportion of the site is wheelchair accessible. Regarding the buildings, the old mass hall is wheelchair accessible as well, while the main building has a couple of stairs. Please bring your certificate of disability, then we invite you on site for free.


Dogs are very welcome guests at Teufelsberg Berlin. On weekends, its best to keep your dog on a leash, in case multiple dogs are present at the same time. If its hot, ask us for some water at the entrance for you four-legged companion.

Informationen zur Aussichtsplattform

May 2018, we had to close down the viewing platform due to missing fire safety regulation implementation. We were threatened with a fine of 500.000.- Euros if we do not comply. In December 2019, we obtained the building allowance. Unfortunately, Corona slowed us down immensely in the implementation works, but we are working on it.

Informationen zum Unternehmen Teufelsberg

Teufelsberg Berlin is a private property. The owner is the Investment Group Teufelsberg Berlin, mbH & Co KG (IGTB). The CEO is Dr. Hanfried Schütte. IGTB is receiving parts of the entrance fees to maintain the buildings, e.g. implementation of the required fire safety regulations, maintenance of the roofs.

The daily operations of Teufelsberg Berlin, including the art, is facilitated by MSM Management GmbH. The CEO is Marvin S. Schütte. Essentially, the MSM is a small team of Teufelsberg fans, who work to keep "the Berg" going day-by-day. We produce and organize large art projects, keep the site clean and safe, pay taxes, build bars, sell tickets, get annoyed with regulations, while making sure our visitors have a fascinating, weird, fun and awesome day at Teufelsberg Berlin.