Letter # – Discover Snyder – The Known Unknown

After telling the story behind the letters in our last article, we now want to introduce you to the talented artists behind this impressive installation. Today, we take you on a journey into the fascinating world of Snyder, the artist who brought the letter ‘#’ to life. If you have not read our previous article about the installation yet, you can find it here.

Who is Snyder?

Snyder is a true Berliner whose works can be seen all over the city. If you walk through Berlin, you have probably already encountered his artwork at Alexanderplatz, Heidestraße, or many other spots in Berlin – perhaps without even realising it. His style is unmistakable to those familiar with it. What makes Snyder even more intriguing and mysterious is that no one knows what he looks like. He never shows his face. You might have even passed him already on the street, in the subway, or at the supermarket – or are you Snyder?

A Play with Colours

Snyder’s distinctive style makes his art unique. He uses spray paint to layer animals on various media such as paper, canvas, or walls. His artworks are characterized by depth and authenticity, achieved through deliberate colour errors and chromatic aberrations – effects typically found only in analog and digital imaging. This technique challenges our visual perception and makes us question how a real zebra or tiger truly looks like. Now that you understand his style better, you will likely spot his works more often around Berlin. Or keep an eye out during your next visit to Teufelsberg, where several of Snyder’s works can be found.

The Berlin Zebra

Snyder’s piece on the letter ‘#’ is titled “Zebroc”, symbolizing freedom and independence much like the iconic Berlin Bear. By using chromatic aberrations and colour distortions, Snyder creates a vivid and dynamic portrayal that represents the diversity and vibrancy of freedom. His artworks are not only visually stunning but also carry a deeper message about the importance of diversity and peaceful coexistence among all forms of life.

Snyder himself says about his art: „The Berlin Zebra, like its counterpart the Berlin Bear, is wild and free and cannot be tamed. It shows us that freedom breeds diversity and that lived freedom is colourful rather than black and white. We must all accept, protect, support, and particularly cherish freedom. Freedom for all also requires thoughtfulness, tolerance, and consideration from everyone who wants to be free. Therefore, all living beings that embrace our freedom deserve an untouchable place in their freedom. That is why the zebra from Africa belongs to Berlin just as much as the Berlin Bear.“

Breathtaking Murals

Snyder has not only designed the letter ‘#’ but has also left many other spectacular artworks at Teufelsberg. One of his most famous pieces here is a majestic polar bear, painted in his characteristic technique. However, his artworks are even more impressive in real life. The vibrant colours and depth of his work are hard to capture in photos.

Are you fascinated by Snyder’s story and eager to see the letters up close? Then secure your ticket for our Street Art Tour, which includes a visit to the roof of the American unit where the letters are located. Don’t forget to admire Snyder’s other works while you are there!

Want to learn more about the stories behind the other letters? Stay tuned – in the coming weeks we will introduce the other artists in our blog.

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